Our large storage facility is the only Central based Storage facility of its kind in Coffs Harbour it is vermin free, clean, safe and secure with ample ventilation. Give thought to the type of storage you need. Are you going to want frequent access to your goods? Although self-storage units are a great modern way to store your goods be aware that not all storage facilities have ventilation. Without ventilation your furniture gets very hot and can sweat, causing damage to the furniture especially where it is placed with no padding between pieces.

Our two main methods of storing your items are in a wooden home pack modular system and or Open stack. Quilted Store pads are always used for added protection whilst your belongings are in transit or storage.

Primarily for long term storage clients we utilize our wooden home pack modules. These are made of plywood (a breathable material) and are stacked two high in our warehouse. Once loaded the contents are sealed by bolts ready for the next time you need access.

Alternately for short term customers or the customer wishing to access their goods frequently; goods will be carefully stowed in its own allocated location and then covered with calico dust protection.

Our professionally trained staff will complete a triplicate inventory condition report (ICR) on all goods received to storage. A copy will be issued to you the customer and alternate copies kept with your file in our office.

Installed throughout our premises, is the latest back to base security camera and alarm systems for the added protection of your precious items whilst in our care. All access needs to be cleared through our office. From here you will be escorted to your goods.

We can also provide pallet rack storage for businesses and companies with excess or refill stock.

  • We provide all of our customers with a written Quotation or Action Plan for each service we provide.
  • Long or short term residential storage arrangements – Pay by the cubic meter not by the unit.
  • Fine Art or Antique relocations and storage.
  • Vehicle Storage i.e. Car/Caravan/Boat/ Trailer Storage enclosed in our warehouse.
  • Commercial relocations and storage
  • Document storage
  • Storage Insurance and Comprehensive Transit Insurance
  • Organizing of Pet Relocations, Home Cleaning and vehicle transport.
  • We stock and Sell all types of packing materials – Heavy Duty removalist cartons, Plastics, International Wrap, Plasma Cartons, Pallets and crates. If we don’t have it on hand we can certainly arrange it for you!
  • We can also assist you in the relocation of your goods internationally.

If you are unsure of what can’t be stored or transported by us please follow the link for a downloadable PDF copy of AFRA ineligible items for a removal brochure.

Basically, If it needs relocating, packing or storing Coffs Harbour Relocations and Storage have literally got it covered.


Our standard inventory can be easily filled in by you by simply ticking each item room by room.

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