Packing Tips

  • Anything that is important such as documents, cheque books, passports, jewellery and the like keep with you for safekeeping and there will be no looking for that important document or cheque book after the relocation is complete.
  • Items you might need immediately in your new home like your jug, toaster, TV remotes etc pack into a box and mark it as “Survival Kit” put it to one side and you will be ready in no time to make your first cuppa in your new home.
  • Pack each room one room at a time. Put similar items in each box so you won’t be wondering where your bedside lamps or your favourite pillow are when you just want to fall into bed after a big day.
  • Wrap each item individually and place a layer of cushioning at the bottom of the box. Make sure you pack each box so it is full. A carton that is not quite full will probably collapse when other cartons are placed on top, so if the carton still has a little room left put a towel or cushion in to bulk out the carton to fill it level to the top but do not over fill as it may bust open.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom of the box.
  • Along the tape mark each box carefully with your name, the contents and the room it is to go into to so you will know exactly where to find things.
  • Pack heavy items such as your dinner set into small boxes, especially books. Remember if you can’t lift a box, chances are the removalist can’t either.